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Be Embodied

Being embodied is the everyday practice of tapping into your aliveness, acting in alignment with your values, and living your full and precious potential.


About Me

I’m an embodied coach, facilitator, and equity and inclusion practitioner with over 20 years of experience influencing individual and institutional change. I provide visioning, strategic planning, and concrete action steps, focusing on work that develops the intercultural capacity of educators, leaders, community activists, and others committed to social justice. My approach is collaborative and passionate, modeling vulnerability, lifelong learning and a growth mindset.  (Photo credit:  Charissa Uemura)

About me
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Why "embodied"?

Embod.i.ment is being the thing itself, becoming your values, living your purpose and commitment rather than simply talking about it.

Why embodied?

My Offerings

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Somatic Coaching

Coaching sessions are designed to build somatic awareness, teach self-regulation skills,

and practice resourcing to cultivate greater resilience

and capacity.  



So much of facilitation is holding the right, generative space for “the thing” to be done, making the process easy, enjoyable, collaborative, creative, even juicy. 

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Conflict Resolution

To assist clients in resolving conflict, I hold a safe space for deep listening, radical honesty, and a generative examination of what lies at the heart of the dissension.


Racial Equity Training

As a racial equity trainer, my work is developmental, context-driven, and collaborative. I use an embodied approach to support deep change and meaningful action.  



Marie is one of the strongest people I know for navigating conflict, tension and confusion within relationships, particularly across differences of race, class, gender and so on but also in general.  She brings a presence and practice that uses a mix of deep listening, somatic or body-based listening, and general trauma and relationship awareness. Marie  also brings this strength to one-on-one coaching, helping people to identify and shift patterns that keep them stuck rather than expanding to their full capacity.  

Susan Raffo, Bodyworker, Writer, Cultural Worker

 Marie meets people where they are at in their process of understanding themselves in relationship to systems of powers and others in the world. She builds a relationship rooted in trust in order to coach people's thinking and action. [. . . ]

Thanks to her mentorship, I worked to become a more aware and active white teacher who cares about social justice

and the work of equity. Marie leads

by example and is guided by a deep

respect for the work completed by educators with young people.

Teresa Gloppen, 8th Grade English Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools

In the days following the murder of George Floyd, Marie worked with us to create healing spaces for staff to unpack the myriad of feelings that were present in their bodies. She is truly gifted in creating brave spaces in which individuals can do the work of grounding themselves and reflecting on how their mind and body respond to the racialized world around them. Marie has taught me to be still, attend to my body, breath

and heart. This has been vital in

the racial equity work I do. 

Kandace Logan, Director of Equity and Integration, Minneapolis Public Schools


How . . . we live and grow and stay purposeful in the face of constant change . . . determine[s] both the quality of our lives, and the impact that we can have when we move into action together.

-- adrienne maree brown


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